“Soft Body” Huggable Humanoids Will Play Disney Characters


In the future, Huggable humanoid robots may play the signature characters who roam around Disney amusement parks making photographs with children and signing autographs.

Disney Enterprises filed a U.S. patent application for a “delicate body robot for corporeal communication with people. Orlando Sentinel detailed a few weeks ago that these reboots would perform like an enlivened character. The patent portrays an inflexible firm with flexible chambers loaded with liquid or air. Intended to lessen crash impacts with people, these chambers could detect weight and alter its expansion fittingly.

Portrayals of a model, and the robot’s depiction, match the plan of Baymax, a delicate bodied robot from Disney’s 2014 film “Big Hero 6,” as indicated by the Orlando Sentinel. Nevertheless, particular characters were not named in the application.

Theme park writer Jim Hill told the Sentinel that it is difficult to know why Disney chooses to file for a patent, but they have been searching for squashy body robots since Big Hero.  He added that Disney is yet scared that even with this supple innovation, a robot could unintentionally hurt a youngster. They do a considerable measure of testing.

Although, robots are by now utilized all through Disney’s parks — as well as some free-meandering characters like Push the Talking Trash Can and Lucky the Dinosaur — the Orlando Sentinel revealed that the patent filing notes that it is hard to guarantee finish security in human-robot conatct.

Disney designers have officially tried two models, as indicated by the patent application. In these tests, the robot was powerful to fun loving, physical contact, which likely implies that tests were fruitful in blowing up the robot for safe interaction.

Disney officials did not offer remark on the application, following the Orlando Sentinel.


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