14. Strange Uses of Vaseline That You Probably Have not Heard Before


Beyond moisturizing your lips, this glossy salve is one of the iconic formulas that is probably there in your medicine cabinet. It is a multitasking cream, which is not meant to be used only as a lip balm and for the burn. From fixing squeaky doors to a shoe shiner, Vaseline can be a go-to source for almost everything. Here are 14 Vaseline hacks will help save you money and alleviate daily problems you may face.

Buff a little Vaseline onto boots, shoes, bags and other leather goods that need polishing.


You can use Vaseline to loosen stuck rings from your finger. Vaseline will help it slide right off.

To avoid stinging skin during the frigid days of winter, simply apply Vaseline on your face does.

Vaseline is the effective way to polish your furniture. You can use it to remove the marks from wood. Cover it over with a thick layer of Vaseline, and then allow it to stand overnight. Wipe it with a clean cloth.

Do you need a candle? Roll up a small piece of paper into a makeshift wick, stick it into the bottle and light it.

Avoid rusty tools by smoothing a thin layer of Vaseline onto the dry blades and edges between uses. Covering them with a thin layer of Vaseline. The protective coating of jelly wards off rust and decay.

Do you struggle to open your zipper? Apply a little bit of Vaseline on both side of the stuck zipper and unstick it easily. Unstick those stubborn zippers.

When Halloween rolls around again, apply some Vaseline to the insides of your pumpkin after you crave it. It will last longer.

If you suffer from dry or cracked feet, smooth Vaseline over cracked heels, slip on a pair of socks, go to sleep and wake up to the healthy and hydrated skin.

You can use Vaseline to protect your gears of your bicycle from corrosion.

You can fix squeaky hinges by adding a little bit of Vaseline on hinges.

To protect your skin from being dyed along with your hair, try creating a barrier on your forehead and around your hair with a thin layer of Vaseline. Vaseline will protect your skin from absorbing the hair dye. After dye application, simply remove the Vaseline with a cloth.

To help save your car battery from corroding, add Vaseline to the terminals of a car battery. The Vaseline forms a water resistant barrier around the metal tops of the battery terminals, a place where acidic corrosion is likely to occur.

Vaseline is an occlusive, so it will stop your skin from absorbing perfume, making it last longer. Just dab a little wherever you intend to spray and the fragrance will sit on the Vaseline and keep you smelling sweet all day.


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