10. Incredible New Uses for Ice Trays


Do you know you can use ice cube trays for many other things apart from making ice? These ice cube trays can make your life much easier and save you a lot of time in your daily activities when they are used with creativity and imagination. We collected ten incredible new uses for ice tray that will help you making your lives more simple and delicious.

  1. An ice cube tray is the best and perfect a snack divider. This will keep your fruit and veggies separate from your crackers so they don’t get soggy. In addition, because the cube molds are small, they’re great for controlling portion sizes!

2. Use an ice cube tray to make bar chocolate, just melt it down and pour it into ice cube trays. You can freeze the chocolate for a nice cool treat or simply let it set at room temperature. You will have super delicious and adorable bar chocolate.

3. Garnish your regular old glass of water with edible flower petal cubes for a little extra flair. Flood an ice cube tray with water as if you are making regular ice, flood the edible petals in the water, and freeze right away. You will have amazing and most odorous-smelling glasses of water around!

4. Make your own bath bombs by using an ice cube tray at home! Use this recipe to prepare your ingredients, then pour the mixture into ice cube trays, and let them set for at least four hours. Store them in a dry container and give bath time a boost whenever you feel like it!

5. You can use an ice cube tray to make your own lotion bars. Simply melt down 1/5 of a one-pound bar of beeswax, 1/2 cup of almond oil, and 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Pour it into your ice cube tray and let the bars set overnight. When you want to use one, rub it against your skin and the solid bar will begin to melt into liquid lotion!

6. Make delicious homemade cookies and cream at home. Pour milk in an ice cube tray halfway, then add some crushed Oreos, and freeze right away.  Pop one or two whenever you crave a sweet treat!

7. Want to avoid paying for a painter’s palette at an art store, but still need to keep your colors separate? Just divide your paints in an old ice cube tray for a cheap, easy alternative!

8. An old ice cube tray is an easy, efficient divider; use it to make a DIY jewelry divider to keep necklaces, bracelets, and other items organized. That’s brilliant!! 

9. Make frozen coffee cubes by using an ice cube tray. Simply brew a pot of coffee, pour it into the tray, and freeze it right away.

10. Instead of buying pre-made laundry detergent pods, make your own in an ice cube tray at home. Stir any dry laundry detergent in a bowl, spraying white vinegar on it until it’s damp and clumps together. Presses the mixture into your ice cube tray and let the pods dry overnight. Then, pop them out, store them in a dry container, and use them in the wash whenever you need them



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