North Korea: Kim Jong-un checks weighty weaponry near South Korea’s boundary as an anticipatory plan against any possible strike


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A North Korean newspaper reported that Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader told his troops they must stay ready to smash the backbone of the enemy once needed.

Kim Jong-Un visits military units yesterday on Jangjae and Mu islets situated close South Korea’s Yeongpyeong Island.

Kim Jong-Un announced he is planning to attack South Korea as the North Korean Leader went to army bases close to the boundary and ordered battle readiness. Kim went to army units on Jangjae and Mu islets situated close South Korea’s frontier Yeongpyeong Island that is found less than 10 miles from North Korea. The units are supposed to be the area of numerous rocket launchers, weaponry pieces, and are inside view of South Korea.

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South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency specified that Kim has explained and inspected the preparations for shoot attack of the recently prepared armies at the objects of the enemy. It added that the North Korean leader was thinking about a scheme to strike South Korea.

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Kim Jong-un while examining the military units yesterday in photos published by a North Korean daily paper

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Kim Jong-un examines military gear yesterday

Following a South Korean military source, mentioned by the Yonhap news agency, Kim is supposed to have checked the islands using a small vessel on Thursday. North Korea has not freed the precise date of Kim’s visit, which is its common practice.

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Kim Jong-un utilized binoculars to see a way off field

The North Korean newspaper reported that Kim Jong-un was admiring and was impressed by the battle readiness while using his binoculars.

The units are supposed to be the area of various rocket launchers and weaponry pieces. Any incitements by North Korea, he stated, will be struck-back against.

“Rodong Sinmun”, A North Korean newspaper, featured photos of the visits and detailed he had got detailed information about the developments of the “South Korean puppet armed force”.

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 Kim Jong-Un gathering with warriors amid the examinations

Kim had likewise tasted water in a recently fabricated space for transforming ocean water into fresh water.

The daily paper detailed that Kim Jong-Un was incredibly happy with the battle availability and the officers’ living of the two barrier separations. It added he was satisfied that all the battle positions are completely prepared to start war enthusiastically.

Tensions among both rival Koreas have quickly increased in recent months, with the North frequently menacing to start on attacks on its rivals – South Korea, the US and Japan. Kim’s visit has as well arrived at a time when there are worries that the isolated nation is probably preparing for another nuclear test, its sixth explosion, in the near future.


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