People of Non-O Blood Group Are At Big Risk of Heart Attack


Recent studies have demonstrated that individuals with a non-O blood group have a marginally augmented danger of heart attack and stroke.

Researchers say it could be for the reason that elevated amounts of a blood-thickening protein are available in individuals with A, B and AB blood. The discoveries could assist doctors to better discern who is at danger of having heart illness, the scientists said. A heart charity said, however, individuals ought to concentrate on leaving smoking and eating steadily to diminish their exposure

Introduced at the European Society of Cardiology Congress, the study examined researches including 1.3m individuals. It discovers that 15 in 1,000 individuals with a non-O blood group endured a heart attack, contrasted with 14 in 1,000 individuals with blood group O. In spite of the fact that the expansion in danger was minor, when connected to an entire populace the numbers turn out to be more significant.

Past studies discovered that individuals with the rarest blood group like AB were the most defenseless, being 23% more expected to endure heart illness.


The most widely recognized blood group in the UK is O, which 48% of the populace has. There are various reasons, which can raise the danger of heart illness, for example, smoking, being overweight and driving an undesirable way of life. These are all stuff we can take care of – dissimilar to our blood group. Which group you fit in is dictated by the genes acquired from both parents.

Study author Tessa Kole, from the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, said more study was expected to work out the reason for the expanded cardiovascular hazard in individuals with a non-O blood group. She added, also, that examining the danger that resides in every individual blood group would offer assistance. She stated: “In future, blood group ought to be considered in hazard appraisal for cardiovascular avoidance, together with cholesterol, age, sex and systolic blood pressure.”

Individuals with blood group A – who are recognized to have higher cholesterol – may require a lesser treatment threshold for hypertension, for instance. The study examined coronary occasions in more than 770,000 individuals with a non-O blood group and more than 510,000 individuals with an O blood group. About 1.5% in the initial group and 1.4% in the next encountered a heart attack or angina. They likewise examined cardiovascular occasions in 708,000 individuals with non-O blood and 476,000 with O blood, which influenced 2.5% and 2.3% of each group separately. At the point when the scientists examined deadly heart occasions, they found no significant contrast in danger between the O and non-O blood groups.

Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, said the discoveries would not largely affect the present rules used to survey somebody’s danger of a heart attack. “The majority of a man’s danger evaluation is controlled by age, hereditary qualities (family history and ethnicity) and other modifiable hazard components including diet, weight, level of physical movement, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes”, he added.

Individuals with a non-O blood group category – AO, BO and AB – require to make indistinguishable steps from anybody needing to decrease their CVD danger. That incorporates finding a way to enhance their eating routine, weight, level of physical action and not smoking, and where required, supervise blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.


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