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The birth & survival of Fiona the baby hippopotamus brings happiness to Ohio’s Cincinnati Zoo.

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This spring, Ohio’s Cincinnati Zoo has been celebrating the birth and survival of a baby Nile hippopotamus called Fiona. Fiona was born on January 24 six weeks earlier than predictable.

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The early birth of this cute hippopotamus was expected to affect her health as she may have many health troubles. She weighed only 13 kilograms (10 kilograms lesser than the lowest-known birth weight for Nile hippos) at birth. Although animal experts feared she would not stay alive, the lucky Fiona did. Now, Ohio’s Cincinnati zoo officials are partaking cheerful news about Fiona with the public.

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Baby Fiona has become the new center of interest, after months of criticism on the zoo’s deadly shooting of Harambe, a gorilla who has been a pop culture trend in decease. Jenna Wingate, one of Fiona’s caregivers announced, “She has brought everyone together. It brings us to tears sometimes.”

Fiona reaches her 3 months old on this April 24. She currently weighs around 78 kilograms. Even, zoo guests will not be able to meet Fiona until the coming June, many of them have previously gotten to know her via the zoo’s blog and video updates showing Fiona taking a bottle, swimming in a pool or learning to run. Tens of thousands of public have purchased Team Fiona T-shirts, and thousands extra have eaten a Cincinnati bakery chain’s Fiona-themed treats, with profits sustaining the zoo’s hard work. She obtained a lot of cards and letters that she owns her personal mail holder.

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To party her 3-month anniversary on last Monday, zookeepers published updates on Fiona all day via Instagram and Snapchat accounts. The updates have integrated video of Fiona having a shower, eating numerous breakfasts, and playing with a bucket of ice. Wingate, who helps take care of Fiona, informed Cincinnati’s WCPO TV channel. “It makes us really happy to know that one animal can make so many people happy and so excited and interested,”

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Fiona’s story has even moved a children’s book. Missy Jones and Karen Jacobs Costello, paraeducators in Cold Spring, Ohio, produced a tactile book about the hippo for students with visual impairments. Watch Fiona video here.

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